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Coco Chanel Handbag Birthday Cake. White and Black buttercream iced, handbag sculpted cake. Everything on this cake is edible.
Buttercream Barn 1st Birthday Cake. Green and red buttercream iced, barn shaped cake decorated with cows, chickens, pigs and trees. Everything on this cake is edible.
Disney Cars 2nd Birthday Cake. Buttercream iced round 2 tier cake. The top tier is iced with blue buttercream and decorated with gumballs. The bottom tier is decorated as a racecourse with  Disney Cars Francesco and McQueen , and edible checkerboard wrap. Mater the tow truck tops this cake off. Everything on this cake is edible. (Disney Cars provided by client) (Serves 28-55 party slices)
Monkey Face Birthday Cake. Chocolate and white buttercream iced monkey face shaped birthday cake.
Pink Polka Dot Cupcake 1st Birthday Cake,  Pink buttercream iced,  round decorated with pink and green polka dots and topped with pink and white frosted cupcakes. Everything on this cake is EDIBLE. (Serves 8-80 party slices)
Pink Passion 50th Birthday Cake. Pink buttercream iced, sheet cake decorated with white pearls. Everything on this cake is edible. (Serves 24-98 party slices)