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Every celebration deserves a cake that is just as special as the person or people it is created for. For over 45 years we have been making beautiful Buttercream iced cakes for local and long distance customers.

Baby's 1st Present Birthday cake,  Pink buttercream iced,  square decorated with pink pearls, wrapped up with a white ribbon and bow.  Everything on this cake is EDIBLE.   (Serves 12-90 party slices)
Crown Jewel Birthday Cake. White buttercream iced, crown shaped cake adorned with pearls and gems. Everything on this cake is edible.
Fabulous 50's Birthday Cake, Green buttercream iced,  round cake decorated in a Las Vegas theme. Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds adorn the side of this cake while dice and the Ace card from each suit sits atop. Poker chips and the Las Vegas themed welcome sign complete the look. Everything on this cake is EDIBLE.  (Serves 8-80 party slices)
Treasure Map Birthday Cake. White buttercream iced sheet caked decorated with a treasure map, treasure chests, pirates, swords. Everything on this cake is edible. (Serves 24-98 party slices.)
Rose and Pearls Birthday Cake. Pink buttercream iced, round decorated with white pearls and topped with a white rose. Everything on this cake is edible. (Serves 8-80 party slices.)