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Every celebration deserves a cake that is just as special as the person or people it is created for. For over 45 years we have been making beautiful Buttercream iced cakes for local and long distance customers.

Golden Gift Birthday Cake. Gold buttercream iced, square decorated with pearls, ribbon and bow. Everything on this cake is edible. (Serves 12-90 party slices.)
Ladybugs on Leaves 1st Birthday Cake. White buttercream iced, sheet decorated with ladybugs resting on the leaves. Everything on this cake is edible. )Serves 24-98 party slices.)
Fun in the Sun 1st Birthday Cake. Yellow and blue buttecream iced, round 2 tiers decorated with palm trees, flowers, seashells, flip flops and sunglasses. Everything on this cake is edible. (Serves 28-55 party slices.)
Jet Birthday Cake. White buttercream iced jet shaped cake.
Stars Birthday Cake. Pink buttercream iced, star shaped cake decorated with stars and ribbon. Everything on this cake is edible.
Sesame Street 1st Birthday Cake,  Buttercream iced, 2 round tiers decorated with stars, swirls, elmo, cookie monster, dots, sprinkles and a cupcake shaped top. Everything on this cake is EDIBLE.  (Plastic character figurine was provided by client). (Serves 28-55 party slices)