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Every celebration deserves a cake that is just as special as the person or people it is created for. For over 45 years we have been making beautiful Buttercream iced cakes for local and long distance customers.

1949 Mercury Birthday Cake,  Black buttercream iced,  sculpted cake. An delectable replica of the 1949 Mercury, this cake is decorated with everything from tail pipes to windshield wipers. Everything on this cake is EDIBLE.
Stars Birthday Cake. Pink buttercream iced, star shaped cake decorated with stars and ribbon. Everything on this cake is edible.
Welcome to Las Vegas Birthday Cake. Purple and white buttercream iced, shaped as the infamous Las Vegas welcome sign. Everything on this cake is edible.
Dirty Jobs Birthday cake,  Chocolate buttercream iced,  round decorated with jelly bean rocks, a backhoe and dump truck.  Everything on this cake is EDIBLE.  (Figurine was provided by client). (Serves 8-80 party slices)
40 is Fabulous Birthday cake, White buttercream iced. Sheet cake decorated with dots. Everything on this cake is EDIBLE.  (Serves 12-90 party slices)
Monkey 1st Birthday Cake, Aqua and Yellow Buttercream iced,  3 tiers adorned with gumpaste monkeys and party hat, dots, and stars .
Swirly 9th Birthday Cake. Pink and green buttercream iced, round 2 tiers decorated with plastic swizzle sticks, swirls, stars, dots and circles. Everything on this cake is edible except the plastic swizzle sticks. (Serves 28-55 party slices.)