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Every celebration deserves a cake that is just as special as the person or people it is created for. For over 45 years we have been making beautiful Buttercream iced cakes for local and long distance customers.

You're a Star 1st Birthday cake,  White buttercream iced, 2 round tiers decorated with stars, dots, and alphabet blocks.  2 edible photos of your baby top this cake off. Everything on this cake is EDIBLE.  (Serves 28-55 party slices)
Rose and Pearls Birthday Cake. Pink buttercream iced, round decorated with white pearls and topped with a white rose. Everything on this cake is edible. (Serves 8-80 party slices.)
Caillou and Rexy 2nd Birthday Cake. White buttercream iced, sheet cake decorated with stars, dinosaurs, Caillou and Rexy. Everything on this cake is edible. (Plastic character figurines provided by client.) (Serves 24-98 party slices.)
Pirate Ship Birthday Cake,  Brown buttercream iced oval cake decorated with a plastic pirate ship, plastic pirates, and gold wrapped chocolate coins. (Serves 8-80 party slices)
Beer Glass Birthday Cake, black and white buttercream iced,  sculpted cake decorated with the name of your favorite beer.  Everything on this cake is EDIBLE.  (Serves 25-50 party slices)
Swirly 9th Birthday Cake. Pink and green buttercream iced, round 2 tiers decorated with plastic swizzle sticks, swirls, stars, dots and circles. Everything on this cake is edible except the plastic swizzle sticks. (Serves 28-55 party slices.)