December 2012

Take Five christmas trees


There are Two ways to make these fun and DELICIOUS tree-ts. One with Two Pretzels and the other only one.

You will need Tree shaped pretzels, Caramel (preferably  Peter's Caramel which we sell in the store)

Buckeye Dough, and some melted chocolate and sprinkles.

First make sure you have all the unbroken trees. 

Dipping Buckeye Cookies

I would first like to point out a problem many people have with making the dough for Buckeyes. Buckeye dough should be a very light and fluffy dough. If you are simply "mixing" the ingredients together you are not reaching the full potential of the recipe. This dough should be beaten at a high speed for a minute or two until it lightens in color and is almost as light as a marshmallow to touch. People who have dough that is dark and lumpy have not mixed it enough.

Hard Tack Candy

Many people still cut their Hard Tack Candy with scissors and oil, burning their hands and loathing the process. Still others insist on pouring the candy into a small pan and when it is hard, Smashing it with a hammer. This leaves the candy in sharp shards that can cut your mouth and much of the candy is lost as tiny fragments. This is a simple way to make perfectly cut pieces without the hassles of the other methods.

Christmas Coal!

Simple Christmas idea for Good and Bad!


Marshmallows dipped in black chocolate, sprinkled with black fine sugar to add texture.