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Drizzled Crisp Rice "CRUNCH" Egg

Making beautiful treats is a very simple process. These molds are a standard plain egg. 

Using a Pastry bag or a fork drizzle colored chocolate over your molds in various patterns.

One color at a time overlap the colors and tap the mold on the table between each. 

Polka Dot Bunny Tutorial

Polka Dot and Striped Bunnies

Turning a Plain Mold into a Spectacular Creative Candy

Just because a mold isnt detailed or doesn't have indentations that you can paint with colors doesnt mean you have to make a boring candy.

This bunny mold is perfectly smooth and this tutorial will showcase how to add design on the inside of the mold and make a rainbow of colors. 

3D Chocolate Painted Basket


How to make a 3D Chocolate Basket

We have many 2 piece basket molds that can be made to hold desserts, candy, and for centerpieces at a dinner table for easter. 

These steps will help you understand the process of making a "shell" of chocolate, leaving the inside open like a bowl. 

We have Large baskets that could hold childrens eggs and candy and small baskets that could be used for dessert mousses and fruit. 


When making a basket that has alot of details you may want to paint sections with colors. 

Chocolate Molds with Two Colors

Two Layers of colors in a candy mold

Chocolate molds have MANY uses, you dont have to just pour it solid and pop it out! 

First I started with Drizzling a pattern on the mold. I use a disposable pastry bag with a very small tip to make neat controlled lines

(you can use a fork, but it is not as controlled and usually thick and thin in areas)

Tap the mold on the table to make sure that the lines are adhered to the surface of the mold. Not hanging. 

Sparkling Sugar Corsets


Sparkling Sugar Corsets

Its important to know how to use your chocolate properly and melting it the correct way. If you have not already read our Melting Instructions please do this first. It will explain ALL the different ways to melt chocolate CORRECTLY.