March 2013

These Chocolate filagree eggs are simple. First Pick a few of your favorite colors. 

You will need glycerin and some small (water balloon) sized balloons, a wire rack and some bulldog clips.

add a drop or two to a half pound of chocolate. DO NOT add too much! Glycerin is a thickening agent and will make the chocolate hold its shape when you drizzle it. 

Making beautiful treats is a very simple process. These molds are a standard plain egg. 

Using a Pastry bag or a fork drizzle colored chocolate over your molds in various patterns.

One color at a time overlap the colors and tap the mold on the table between each. 

Polka Dot and Striped Bunnies

Turning a Plain Mold into a Spectacular Creative Candy

Just because a mold isnt detailed or doesn't have indentations that you can paint with colors doesnt mean you have to make a boring candy.

This bunny mold is perfectly smooth and this tutorial will showcase how to add design on the inside of the mold and make a rainbow of colors. 


How to make a 3D Chocolate Basket

We have many 2 piece basket molds that can be made to hold desserts, candy, and for centerpieces at a dinner table for easter. 

These steps will help you understand the process of making a "shell" of chocolate, leaving the inside open like a bowl. 

We have Large baskets that could hold childrens eggs and candy and small baskets that could be used for dessert mousses and fruit. 


When making a basket that has alot of details you may want to paint sections with colors.